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Men's Winter Fashion Trends for Different Occasions

I find winters to be the best time to show your fashionable sides with the weather so chilly there’s no room for sweat to spoil your look. And unlike the guys majority of the girls could relate to me but leaving the guys out of this fashion season would be wrong. So I have prepared a men’s winter fashion trends list for all the guys to help them become their own Styl-guide! I have put together different looks that are fit for different purposes.


Usually a guy’s work wear wardrobe is the most morning one, guys hardly experiment. But this winter we beg you to differ. Neutral and earthy colors look amazing in this chilly and dim weather so incorporate such hues in your work wear. Plus replace your plain blazer with a patterned one and you’ll feel the edge it gives to you. Make your work wear interesting and Styl-ish.

                                    picture courtesy: pinterest


If you’re a guy who loves to wear sweaters then I must say you’re already half way through. I know a very few guys who prefer wearing just sweaters and it’s a total myth that just sweaters look odd. To make your sweater look more dashing all you need to do is throw in some color. Play around with the color wheel and on evergreen combos like camel color and light blue or a quirky wine color and navy blue.

                                     picture courtesy: pinterest


Date nights are the most stressful for any guy, for their fear of dressing up. I understand how you don’t want to look too casual but at the same time don’t want to go overboard either. So to nail your date you can either go for the full macho look by wearing darker, earthy colors with long dramatic coats. Or you can go for a more boyish look with a leather jacket, which is something hard to go wrong with.

                                       picture courtesy: pinterest

A shout out to all the guys, winter is the season of fashion and layering isn’t only for girls. So get experimental and nail all the different looks this season. Try different silhouettes and play around with layering. For any further queries for men’s winter fashion or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.


Signin off,

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-Priyal Malik

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