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A snippet overview of what the future beholds for us. As Minimalistic Fashion is going to be the NEW NORMAL.

What we are talking about here is a post Covid-19 era. An era where everything will be different. People, things, our surroundings will change. In turn, fashion will be affected to a large extend. Brides and their family and friends will move towards minimalism. Minimalistic fashion will be the new all-out for brides.

Minimalistic fashion for us is finding the right balance in your entire look.


Picture credits: Anita Dongre

The post Covid era will see a rise in small religious, home and court weddings. In turn the bridal wear will be appropriate to the restricted minimal gathering. In these situations, understated attires with a perfect mix of your personal style and trending looks is good to go.

Source: Tarun Tahiliani, Sanjana Batra

We at Styl Inc firmly believe in leaving spaces for the brides’ true personality to shine out. Dressing yourself up heavily top to bottom is old school. It not only restricts you, but moves the focus from your natural glowing.

Some of the upcoming minimalistic look we would suggest are:

1. The Vintage Minimal Bride –

Vintage is always a classic. Evergreen and time immemorial pieces handed over generations hold a special place in a brides heart. When we say vintage, we automatically mean minimalistic. Wearing your mothers saree or a part of the lehenga she wore on her wedding day, holds a lot more value than any designer outfit. You could pair it up with your grandmothers’ heirloom pieces including jewellery like nath, borla etc.

Minimalistic brides
Real Brides in Vintage attires. Middle by Pernia Quershi, Top Right by Gautam Khullar.

2. The Unconventional Minimal Bride-

There is so much on ‘How a bride should look’ out there, that we forget to explore ourselves and have some fun. Minimalism means you can experiment and move aside from the basics that have been imbedded in every Indian bride (i.e mostly OTT). Be it a different silhouette, or a bold colour choice- be sure to set a fashion statement.

Picture Credits: Sabyasachi, Aisha Rao, self designed

With minimal embroideries and maximum grace, you are bound to outshine the regular brides. This is were the beautiful brocade and banarsi steps in.

Picture Credits: Kshitij Jalori, Jayanti Reddy

3. The Experimental Minimal Bride-

This ones gotta be our top favourite. The brides who ditch the conservative lehenga concept. Unapologetically experiment with suits, sarees, and shararas etc. In the upcoming times as we foresee, intimate weddings will be the way forward. The necessity to wear a lehenga will diminish. Therefore, brides can move towards more comfortable attires, for instance anarkalis or the evergreen saree.

Picture Credits: Sabyasachi/Anjie Gogna, Mahima Bhatia Photography, Recall Pictures

The best part about these practical outfits is that they can be repeated time and again!

4. The Chic Minimal Bride –

It is all a matter of how you put things together. For the ones who fantasied a grand wedding and wearing your dream designer lehenga. Do not get disheartened. Go for your gorgeous dream lehenga. A simple step to be that beautiful minimal bride is by balancing it out.

Keep either the top, or the bottom heavy.  If you want to go for a heavily embroidered lehenga, you can opt for a plain sharply cut blouse and light dupatta. And this works well the other way too.

Source: Axioo Bali photographers, The Photo Diary

You could go even simpler if it is a 50 people wedding. Opt for a monotone plain lehenga of your favorite colour and carry it with a heavy dupatta. Combinations like these are sure shot head turners.

Outfits by: The Couture by KJH, Manish Malhotra

There is a growing awareness and consciousness of social and economic aspects of gatherings. Hence, easy and contemporary silhouettes will be the future of bridal fashion!

Source: Deepikas Deep Clicks, Jodi Clickers

Let us help you with your wedding blues and make your dream outfit as special as you dreamt. For more info log on to our personal shopping and virtual shopping services.

Keeping it Styl-ish,

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