Common mistakes to avoid while buying your Wedding Lehenga

Indian bridal lehengas

Every bride dream and visualizes looking her best on her wedding day. Bridal shopping is an exciting time for all the brides. However, it can be a stressful experience too. For all the brides-to-be, it’s all about their wedding lehenga and jewellery that they look forward too. Bridal shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many designers and options available that sometimes it gets hard for brides to decide. Be it a high-end designer or a pocket-friendly shop; you will get to see stunning bridal outfits for every kind of bride. The exquisite design, attractive color, and intricate details will make you fall for it. 

Indian Bridal Lehenga Designs
Source: Deep Joshi Gallery

However, it is not necessary that every piece may be suitable for you and your body. Whether you are a curvy bride or a plus-size bride, you must be very careful while selecting your bridal lehenga.

Follow this guide if you want to avoid those #OopsMoments. 

Not researching online

Trendy Bridal Lehengas
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Many brides like directly visiting the store. However, before you hit the store, you should always consider researching online to find what you like and what type of lehenga you want. If you can’t decide what you want, then we assure you that you will clearly have an idea of what you do not want. Many brides don’t do research and end up getting confused about what they want. You can talk to us if you need any help with virtual shopping or want any kind of assistance for bridal shopping in India. 

Focusing too much on the trends

Traditional Bridal Lehengas
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Trends may come and go. Something that might be in trend during the time of the shopping period might be out of fashion a few months later. You have to be very careful while going on a particular trend. 

Not shopping with an open mind

Trendy Wedding Lehenga Designs
Source: Hitched & Clicked

Modern-day brides are more open to experimenting. Whether you want a traditional and heavy lehenga or a minimal and classic piece, that is completely your choice. We always suggest our brides’ to shop with an open mind. There is no need to go for a particular shade of colour or a specific design. Be experimental and shop with an open mind. Having a vision for your wedding lehenga is absolutely great. However, you must try and see the other options too. There are various bridal designers with have stunning pieces that will suit you even more. 

Rushing to buy the outfit

pastel Indian bridal lehengas
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Never rush to the wedding store as soon your wedding date has been finalized. Take your time, do some online research, look at the trends. Make sure you pick the trends you are comfortable wearing. 

Not sticking to a budget

Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga Designs
Source: Brides of Sabyasachi

The price range of bridal lehengas can be broad. Therefore, you should always have a budget in mind when choosing a designer or visiting any store. Don’t go and try any expensive lehenga just like that. Otherwise, it will be hard to lower your expectations and find the same details in your dream outfit. 

Not paying attention to the details

Trendy Bridal Lehengas
Source: Brides of Sabyasachi, Women Oracle

You have to choose a lehenga that suits your body type. Be very particular about the details. Make sure you buy the right size, right sleeve length, and right fabric of the lehenga. Buy a lehenga that will match and complement your jewellery. If you plan to wear diamonds, polki, or gold jewellery, you must pick your wedding lehenga that will match with your jewellery. 

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