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Natural Makeup Look Decoded

Make up is an art and I believe all the girls to be an artist. People call me a makeup geek and why shouldn’t they after all I love makeup so much. But I can’t deny the fact that it does make my face feel somewhat heavy. And on some days, I want my skin to be light yet flawless at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that I will not use my beloved make up. I will just use it in a different way!

Benefit beautifully without using a foundation

I don’t have flawless skin so I put bb cream to hide my pores instead of those heavy foundations. This gives me glowing and even toned look without any lines on my face. And since its more like a cream with spf it blends with ease and works as a sunscreen as well.

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For day light look nudes and pinks are the best options. I love to put on nude colors a lot no matter what’s the occasion is. Don’t drift away from your natural lip shade too much.

STYL-TIP: always moisturize your lips before applying any lipstick.

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I love to put on fake lashes, just adore the depth they add to the eye makeup. But for a natural look I use just a mascara for my real lashes(obviously!) and I’m done. A single coat of mascara will give just the required volume to your lashes and adds life to your look.

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Let me pop a bubble for you girls, a natural look doesn’t mean ‘no eyeshadow’. Like I mentioned earlier that for a ‘no makeup look’ I use my makeup but in a different way. So, to nail the look I go for lighter hues like pinks, peaches and light brown. These colors highlight the eyes to the point without looking like I went overboard.

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For this look the blush is more of an optional thing, some like it some don’t. I keep resonating between using and not using it for the natural look. If I know I’ll be out in the sun all day I refrain from using a blush as it might smudge all over. But if I’m going to some place with an AC, then I will definitely be seen with light rosy cheeks.

STYL-TIP: if you have oily skin just pat on a little sheer compact powder, it’ll set the makeup well and prevent it from looking oily.

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So this was all about the ‘natural’ or the ‘no makeup look’, it’s a must try. For me it’s my go-to-look, be it a day or a night thing. Easy to do, perfect to slay in, no touch ups needed, and the best part, it makes the face look so fresh! for any further queries reach us at STYL-INC

Signin off,

Keepin’it Styl-ish

-Meghna Rajput/Priyal Malik

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