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Neon colour is best to add excitement to your wardrobe. However, they are too bold to be left unnoticed. Ranging from vibrant colours like electric blue, proton purple, lime yellow, this colour can be tricky to wear. There is higher chance of going wrong with neon colours than any other colours. However, if done right- you can be that person leaving a lasting impression and fashion statement wherever you go.

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Follow these tips below to avoid shinning out in a bad way:

Neon colour accessories

  • In two mind about neon? If you are picky about neon or not sure if it will suit you, choose small pieces like earrings first. Once you try a neon accessory you a fair idea if you like the colours or not. Or if it suits you or not.
Neon colour accesories
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Do not hesitate to wear neon while hanging out with your friends or any informal occasion. But, bright right neon colours to an interview or any other business related meeting is a big no. Where as, neon colours to a fashion related event can make you stand out!

Neon clothing

  • Choose and pick the right neon coloured clothing item. Neon colour definitely brings in a lot of attention so you do not want it at the wrong part. For apple shaped, choose a neon coloured bottom. For pear shaped, choose a neon coloured top and if you are hourglass you can go with anything in neon as the body is proportionate.
  • If you are new to neon then we recommend not to style more than one neon piece. So add one or maximum 2 pieces of neon in your outfit and pair it with neutral colours. You can also try wearing neon heels with a soft tones dress. For instance if wearing a neon shirt, choose basic skinny jeans that will look elegant.Always pair these outfits in a safe way and avoid being called tasteless.
Neon colour blocking
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  • If you’re bold enough, wear 2 pieces of neon at the most. Wearing 3 can be risky, but if you really want to then make sure 2 are of the same colour family. For instance pair orange shorts with pink top and a green shrug.
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Neon detailing

  • Pick the neon that you love and goes well with your skin tone and haircolour. For example- if you have highlights, yellow will enhance them or if you are very pale bright yellow or orange won’t suit you well. You could experiment with neon make up when you’re going for monochrome outfits. Even neon nails make a style statement.
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I’m sure you have discovered several ways of wearing neon clothing. Just have fun mixing up things and remember to keep it as per your style and comfort. Be confident and rock it!

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