Neon makeup looks for post quarantine parties

Neon Makeup Looks

During this self-isolation period, we all have faced makeup deprived days. However, our Instagram feeds were flooded with makeup tutorials and now we have almost mastered them, isn’t it? So, let’s elevate these makeup skills for our post quarantine parties with a touch of disco hues. Yes, it’s neon colours we are talking about and we can relate to your excitement.

Neon makeup trend has travelled all the way from the 90s and this time it’s here to stay. After all, the neon colour trend can effortlessly uplift your whole look. Feel the nostalgia of the 90s makeup with barbie cheeks, lemony eyelids and dramatic lips. Swap your normie makeup routine with a neon splash to get the perfect party look.

Here we will tell you how to pull these electric colours. Keep scrolling to rule those post quarantine parties with these dead-gorgeous makeup looks!

1. Ombre Neon

Every beauty enthusiasts, celebs and even stylists are gracing the ombre neon makeup look. Pull this look for your post quarantine parties and it’ll undoubtedly top the beauty charts. Wear this glossy violet lipstick and people around you will take inspo notes! The amalgamation of icy blue, bright coral and yellow is what the future of party makeup looks like. To take ombre neon up a notch, pair it with a satin black dress and voila!

Ombre Neon makeup
Photo credit: Namrata Soni

2. Strawberry pink

Dabble in this colourful trend the Piggy Chop’s style. The neon strawberry pink eyeshadow creates fearless graphic eyes that we can’t stop admiring. Teamed with lustrous rosy lipstick and winged black eyeshadow, the look is here to upgrade your party lookbook. Time to strike-off divalicious look from the list because this neon makeup pat will do the deed. If you want that sassy potion, we suggest pairing this with a mesh top and leather shorts.

Strawberry Pink
Photo credit: Allure

3. Psychedelic neon

Can we hear some drumrolls? Here comes the quirky neon splash we all have been waiting for. This multicoloured makeup is peculiar yet opulent. Don’t miss out on the colourful power eyeshadow combo, it will keep your look playful and dazzling. This look with electric blue kajal and rainbow-hued eyeshadow is your party saviour. Be it your sequin dress or white jumpsuit, this is your new go-to option.

Multicoloured Neon
Photo credit: Laetitia Lemak

4. Barbie makeup look

Our love for barbie makeup is undying and unconditional, which is why it has hopped back into the beauty world. This barbie neon makeup looks like it has been brought straight out from a chic stratosphere. The combination of black and white-winged eyeliner with pink eyeshadow is swoon-worthy. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the champagne pink lipstick, isn’t this so dreamy? Not just for post quarantine parties but you can pull this look for brunch gathering as well.

Barbie Pink
Photo credit: Amrit Kaur

5. Lime Neon

Lemony eyes are not meant for daytime parties, says who? Spruce up your look for day parties. Think citrus lime-green for your eyes and there you go, spilling the beauty beans. Add a dust of shimmer on your eyelids and cheekbones for ritzy-glitzy night parties. If you ask us, we are in love with the matte lime eyeshadow. Be it a pastel floral dress or a solid coloured blazer, this look goes with everything. We bet this sweet-statement will soon be your new favourite.

Lime Neon
Photo credit: L’Oréal Paris

C’mon ladies, what are you waiting for? Grab that makeup brush and swish away all the quarantine worries.

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Until then,

Stay Styl’ish, Stay safe!

Signing off,

Shubhangi Thakur

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