Trendy ways to drape your dupatta | STYL Blog

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Simple hacks to look taller in pictures | Styl Blog

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Latest Trends For Lehengas for Bridesmaids | Styl Blog

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4 Statement Pieces you should invest in | Styl Blog

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5 Ways To Overcome Work From Home Fatigue | Styl Blog

Overcoming work from home fatigue

Ever since March 2020, the corporate world has taken a drastic turn by deciding to shift their workforce remotely. We’re in our 5th month of the Coronavirus lockdown, but it seems like the work from home culture isn’t going away anytime soon. Now, while most people are adapting quite well to this new work pattern, for others, it can be a tad bit daunting. Regardless,  anyone who is working from home is bound to experience Continue Reading

Style Tips for Short Men | STYL Blog

Style tips for short men

Every individual has a unique style personality. It’s all about finding yours and dressing accordingly to achieve that perfect look. Short men really have a tough time finding clothes that suit them and fit their body type. We are well aware that you have no control over your height. However, how you style yourself is in your hands. By dressing for your height, you can even create an illusion to make yourself appear taller. Let’s Continue Reading

5 Easy Workouts To Help You Lose Weight | Styl Blog

Eaasy workout to lose weight

We’re no stranger to gaining a little bit of weight during the holiday season. Particularly so, during all these months of the lockdown, when the couch has become our work desk and lounge chair, both. Now, as India gears up for the festivities, we’re bringing you some inspiration to get you moving, some easy workouts to lose weight. We have some easy workout that you can follow right from your home, so you can stay Continue Reading

Simple Skincare Rules to Follow While You’re Home | Styl Blog

Simple skincare rules at home

Clear skin is everyone’s dream, but are we willing to put in the hard work that comes with it? No, not every skincare routine needs you to spend hours at the spa or the salon to get that perfect skin. You can adopt an easy skincare regime that can be practiced at home itself. Sounds about perfect for this time, right? Fortunately for you, these skincare rules are simple and ideal for the laze-inspired zone Continue Reading

10 unbelievably beautiful and safest places for solo women travellers | Styl Blog

Solo women travellers let’s make your travel stories even more exciting! We believe that a woman’s place is wherever she decides to be. For years, the set pattern of rules and stereotypes was leading women to walk on a specific path. Not anymore, from entertainment to defence to travel, women are going places. This is why we thought of taking women travellers to destinations that are safe, beautiful, and worth the visit for their next Continue Reading