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Pre-Wedding Shoot Tips

Getting married, I believe is like the beginning of a new book and not just a new chapter. And every book needs a preface, doesn’t it? And that’s what a pre-wedding shoot is. It’s like an introduction to the beginning of a new adventure. Moreover, we know how perfect all the couples want their shoot to be and how stressful that can get. Fret not! Like always STYL.INC has got your back. Amidst the wedding madness, we bring you the most accurate pointers to nail your perfect pre-wedding shoot.

Ok couples, your teamwork starts from this very point! TALK TALK TALK and decide on what sort of a shoot you want and get yourself styled accordingly:


I get instantly drawn towards the idea of a ROYAL SHOOT. Posing with your fiancé in the backdrop of a palace or monuments. Sounds lovely right? The best way to nail such a shoot is with a bang on styling. I’d suggest going for a light flowy lehenga or an Anarkali coupled with jhumkis or Chand Bali’s to add a royal essence. Since pre-wedding shoots take place during light hours, I find minimal makeup best for it.

                                                                                picture courtesy: Retina charmer and Pinterest

This concept is perfect for all the boys to bring out the Shahrukh’s in them and for their fiancés to turn into Kajol! Pose in the gardens like love birds, choose an exotic location or in the middle of a busy road to turn heads.

Make your pre-wedding shoot as filmy and fairytale-like as you want. For such a shoot I’d picture myself in nothing other than a chiffon gown, flowing in the wind with my ‘Shahrukh’ in a linen shirt and chinos. How romantic and stylish all at once.

                                                                                               picture courtesy: wedzo and Pinterest

I have come across certain couples who like to take everything up a notch. For those couples who crave an adrenaline rush, this is for you. Your fairytale can include getting adventurous together. You can go for para-sailing or para-gliding or any other you like. The best Styl-TIP for the ‘adventure couple’ is to dress comfortably. Go for tracks, loose sweatshirt coupled with the sneaker. Don’t even think for a second that you won’t look pretty like this. I assure you that with your prince charming around you will make a beautiful, adventure-filled bride-to-be!

                                                                       picture courtesy: click studio and Pinterest

I can understand how we sometimes get so camera conscious. And getting so on the day of the shoot would be the worst. The CANDID shoot is perfect for such ‘can’t pose’ couples. All you have to do is decide on what activity you want to do while your photographers click your shot candidly. We ought to look good for candid too don’t we? Styl yourself according to the activity you decide on doing.

                                                                   picture courtesy: Pinterest and Jay Pankhania photography

Magical, fantasy or whatever. Quirky couples, get your neurons synapsing, think of a theme and recreate your fantasy. Be it floating in the air, a kissing silhouette in the sunset or a Lilliput inspired shoot.

                                                                                                    picture courtesy: Pinterest

Pre-wedding shoots are a chance to bond as a couple as well as get comfortable with your photographer. The outfits you opt for, make a huge impact on how your pictures will turn out. They can make or break the deal. All of us at STYL.INC is always ready with ideas to style you exactly how you like it. I’m sure our professional detailing will make your day as perfect as planned. Consulting a stylist is important to make sure you look like a dream and that your outfit is appropriate for your theme and location. Nobody likes last minute hassles. Reach us at and be assured to rock your pre-wedding shoot.


Signin off’

Keepin’it Stylish

-Priyal Malik

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