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Being a desi girl and that too of ‘marriageable age’ I totally get how much we love decking up for weddings and gatherings. Be it our own wedding or someone else’s in our heads it’s more like a runway. Isn’t it? We love glamming up our face for even the smallest of the occasions and styling yourself for a wedding has a different feel to it altogether. I used to invest so much inexpensive cosmetics that burn a hole in my pocket and yet was highly unsatisfied with their quantity.  So I decided to do a product face off to find out which of our Indian brands are being overpowered by the international ones. All the girls and brides-to-be, looking to buy cosmetics for their vanity, this one’s for you!

Ok, so we all have some products which are basic to applying makeup. And we shall compare those vanity essentials.


This product is essential and should be applied liberally for perfect long-lasting makeup. My go-to used to be Bobbi Brown face base primer moisturizer. But a liberal application of it was never too good for my pocket. The Maybelline face studio prime blur+ smooth primer is my new favorite.  For less than 1/4th the price it gives the perfect coverage for long-lasting makeup.

 left: Maybelline- 1355 inr ; right: Bobbi Brown- 3762 inr

The Maybelline fit me concealer range is all hearts. I tried it and felt no pain in replacing my Nars radiant concealer with it. I have been very loyal to my Nars concealer but the super blend-ability of Maybelline is amazing, cheaper and highly impressive.

left: Maybelline- 420 inr ; right: Nars- 2298 inr

The Coloressence High Definition foundation is giving major competition to our beloved MAC Studio Fix foundation SPF-15. It gives superb coverage, blends well and hides all the pores for a highly defined look. Time to switch?

left: MAC- 2333 inr ; right: Coloressence- 590 inr

The Lotus herbal natural translucent loose powder is just what you need for an oil-free look. It sets the makeup and doesn’t flinch one bit. I happily said goodbye to my Estee Lauder double wear stay in place powder for this product.

left: Lotus- 395 inr ; right: Estee Lauder- 3650 inr

    We all love a little extra glow on our ‘oh so lovely’ cheekbones. But all that glitters is not our favorite highlighter, it takes a classy shimmer to become ‘the one’. And I found ‘the one’ in the Lakme face sheer highlighter. I compared it with the MAC extra dimension skinfish. I was pretty surprised to find similar results with both. Super affordable and super chic, Lakme bowled over MAC for me. I have found my glow, have you?

    left: Lakme- 400 inr ; right: MAC- 8060 inr

It’s a myth girls, that only expensive and international cosmetics are of good quality. Its high time we drift towards our Indian brands and love them equally. Shop freely for your vanity kit without going over budget. I am all gaga over our Indian brands and I’d suggest you all try it to believe it. Splurge wisely on your make up and get experimental with your wedding and styling makeup looks!


Signin off,

Keepin’it Styl-ish

-Priyal Malik

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