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Whether you’re planning on starting a personal blog or just love posing for Instagram, everyone wants to look their best in pictures. Photos, if clicked well and with proper lighting and angle, are nothing but a form of art. All of us have problem areas that we wish to hide in pictures, especially if we’re shooting for a portfolio or a blog, and employing the right techniques while snapping pictures can make a huge difference in the way they turn out.

All you need is the right angle and the right clothes to create the perfect illusion.

If you’re somebody who’s always tip toeing to look taller in pictures, or if you’re always the shortest one in group photos, here are some very simple hacks to look taller in pictures.

Camera angle matters

camera angle to look taller in pictures

Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that camera angle is one of the most important things when it comes to clicking the right pictures. As a thumb rule, remember to always click pictures from a lower angle. Not only does this create the illusion of an elongated figure, it also makes you look thinner. The catch is to make sure you are titling your chin downwards to avoid an unflattering view of your chin and nostrils. Once you nail this pose, it will work amazingly for your pictures.

Strike the right pose

right pose

It’s a no brainer that the way your pictures turn out depends greatly on the way you pose. If you don’t have the right pose, you’re pictures are going to look unflattering irrespective of the lighting or the angle. Whether you’re standing or sitting, a simple hack to look taller is to put one leg in front of the other like a cross or extend the leg towards the side. This will make your legs look longer and elongate your figure. Also don’t keep both your hands on your waist. Either keep both your hands down or keep one on the waist and one straight by your leg. Another efficient hack is to take pictures while walking. This will automatically ensure that one of your legs is at an angle and will give an illusion of length.

A straight posture goes a long way

get the posture straight to look taller in pictures

Literally no picture is going to turn out right if you’re slouching. Often times we see candid pictures of ourselves and immediately want to hit delete, right? This is almost always because of our incorrect posture. Make sure you’re sitting straight without being too uptight. Shoulders back and chest out should be your default posture whether you’re sitting or standing. Make sure you’re not slouching. Allow every inch of your body to be enhanced and make it look like you’re at your maximum height.

Use clothes to your advantage


While all the technical details are important, what matters the most is the way you dress. Clothes can really help manipulate the proportions of your body and the way your physique looks. Make sure to wear vertical stripes and not horizontal as vertical stripes make the eye move from top to bottom creating an illusion of length. Stay away from loose or baggy pants as they will make you appear shorter. Instead, go virtual shopping with us and let us help you fix this. For eg; wear high waist slim pants, they will make your legs appear longer. Another simple trick is to go monochrome with your colour choices. Wearing shades of a single colour from top to bottom will give a clean continuation to your figure making it look taller and leaner.

Sit down in group photos


Being conscious about your height in pictures only gets worse when getting clicked with a group. If you’re being snapped with your friends, the trick is to stand next to your shorter pals for less comparison, or better yet, find a spot and sit down. Also make sure you vet your surroundings. Stand next to things that are small so the focus is entirely on you. If you stand next to something large, you will always appear small by comparison. It might sound tedious, but paying just a little bit of attention to your surroundings and who you’re standing next to will go a long way in giving you the pictures you’ll love.

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