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Simple skincare rules at home

Clear skin is everyone’s dream, but are we willing to put in the hard work that comes with it? No, not every skincare routine needs you to spend hours at the spa or the salon to get that perfect skin. You can adopt an easy skincare regime that can be practiced at home itself. Sounds about perfect for this time, right? Fortunately for you, these skincare rules are simple and ideal for the laze-inspired zone we are in. The only catch is that once you begin, you cannot discontinue.


Face cleansing
Image Credit: Art of Skin Care

Use a soft cleanser to wash off the impurities or pollution your skin has faced over the course of the day. A cleanser can be a local brand or a medicinal one depending on your skin’s tolerance. This skincare rule should be a religious one, whether you’ve had a tiring day or not.  

Tone, Scrub, and Moisturize 

Scrubbing face
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Use a toner to balance the pH of your skin first thing and then use a gentle scrubber to exfoliate. Once you’re done with that, make sure you apply a light layer of moisturizer, and off you go! Although a simple one, this goes a long way in your skin’s health. Replace the scrub with a cleanser for everyday use and use the scrub once or twice a week.

Layer Up With SPF

Applying sunscreen at home
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To prevent sun damage, use sunscreen daily, even when indoors! It’s a misconception that you only need sunscreen when you’re directly exposed to the Sun. If you have dry skin, mix a bit of moisturizer with your sunscreen, and if you have oily skin, stick to a gel or water-based sunscreen. 

Don’t turn up the heat

Cold showers for skincare
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It is extremely soothing to take that hot shower after a long day but scientists recommend that warm water is beneficial for skin as opposed to hot water. However, cold showers are reportedly good for your skin and hair as well. 

Nourish your body 

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Image Credit: The Healthy

It’s not rocket science when we say your inside reflects the outside. Avoid junk food, colas and unhealthy snacks, instead stick to green veggies, fresh fruits and organic foods, and watch your skin glow.

Get that beauty sleep

Beauty sleep
Image Credit: Herbal Suite

Whenever you’ve woken up from a night of Netflix binging, you have seen the bags under your eyes and dehydrated skin. Clearly, an 8 hour sleep is a must for beautiful skin. 

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Avoiding alcohol and smoking
Image Credit: Insider

Alcohol and smoking cause harmful effects on the body as well as the skin. You will find your skin becoming clearer and healthier as you cut down on these.

Maintaining good skin with these simple skincare rukes can be a task, but the results are surely worth it! 

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