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Spring Summer 2018 Prints Fashion Trends for Men

“Playing with Prints” is one of the hottest spring summer 2018 trends for men to follow. Prints can make your summer attire vibrant and give you a refreshing look. You can opt for a basic printed shirt or a printed tie or can experiment with a printed summer blazer.
The best thing about this trend is that it is not just restricted to your daily casual wear. This time many men are ready to take this trend a step further and incorporate prints in their office-wear also.
And how to do that? We at Styl-Inc will tell you how.

1- Printed Shirts

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Printed formal shirts remain the classics. If you are unready to experiment but still want to slay the trend, try basic prints like dots, checks, horizontal or vertical lines. And if you are ready to be a dandy, try out some abstract prints on your shirts.

2- Printed Summer Blazers

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Printed summer blazers are the hottest trend of the season. If your profession demands regular public appearances and blazers are a vital part of your office-wear, printed summer blazers are a must try for you. Summer blazers are made of summer fabrics like linen or cotton. Go for simple checked blazers or try something fresh like a floral print.

3- Printed Tie

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The tie is one of the prominent components of an executive formal-wear. Select ties with ditsy prints or abstract prints against a simple plain shirt. This will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

4- Printed Shoes

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After printed blazers, printed shoes are the “It” thing. But when going to the office, fancy printed shoes are not something you would like to wear. For formal attire, try shoes with self-prints or embossing. But if you belong to fashion or media industry, or an industry where formal-wear is not a typical grey & white, feel free to experiment with fancy prints like a leopard print.

5- Printed Accessories

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Last but not the least, try some printed accessories. Well, for people who are unready to carry prints on their clothes, accessories are the go-to option. Wear funky printed socks or carry printed laptop sleeve to flaunt this latest trend.

So which one will be your pick for the season? Printed shirt or a pair of printed shoes?
Keep it Printed…!
Keep It Stylish…!!!
Pallavi Ludhrani

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