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Style tips for short men

Every individual has a unique style personality. It’s all about finding yours and dressing accordingly to achieve that perfect look. Short men really have a tough time finding clothes that suit them and fit their body type. We are well aware that you have no control over your height. However, how you style yourself is in your hands.

Style tips for short men
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By dressing for your height, you can even create an illusion to make yourself appear taller. Let’s dig in and find out how you should style yourself to complement your body type and height. 

#STYLTips for short men

Dress right and keep the following style tips for short men in mind:

1. Wear fitted clothes

Short men style tips
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Whether you’re tall or short, you should always wear clothes that properly fit your body. Baggy and loose clothes will make you appear wider than you actually are. Therefore, you should avoid wearing loose fitted clothes. 

2. Wear the right shirt size

Style tips for short men
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Long shirts will make your lower body look short. On the other hand, short and mid-sized shirts will help in creating an illusion of leg length and overall height. Therefore, you must avoid wearing long shirts. 

3. Go for smaller patterns

Men shirt patterns
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Larger patterns are more suitable for tall men. They may not suit a man with a short height. If you want to appear taller and elongate your physique, you must avoid wearing big and bold patterns. Large-scale patterns will take away that attention from you. So, stick to small patterns and step-up your style game.

4. Wear monochromated or similar shades clothes

Monochrome outfits men
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Wearing different colors will divide the attention into separate segments and will make you appear short. You must consider wearing monochromatic or similar shades throughout your entire outfit. You can wear any color of your choice. Just keep the contrast low. 

5. Add some details to your outfit

Short Men accessories
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Adding little details and accessorizing can take your style game to another level. However, make sure that you are not wearing too big accessories. You can add accessories to your upper body to draw attention and create an illusion of the height. You can wear hats, glasses, pocket squares, and tie pins. Keep it balanced and don’t over-accessorize.

6. Say no to belts, waistcoats, and long hair

Waistcoat men
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Belts will divide or cut your body in halves, which will make you look even shorter. It will be ideal to go beltless. However, if you still want to wear a belt, keep it slim. You should not choose a belt that is thicker than 1.5 inches. 

Similarly, waistcoats will draw attention to the middle section of the body and will make you appear shorter. Avoid keeping long hair as it will hide your neck and make you look short and less stylish. Keep your hair nicely trimmed. You can go for more volume on top to add more inches. 

7. The right shoes

Shoes short men style tips
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Shoes play a critical role as they can help in creating an elongating effect. Boots will help in creating that illusion and will make you appear taller and proportionate. You can also go for sneakers with higher heels or thicker soles. 

Elevate your style game and follow these style tips for short men. If you need any assistance, you can reach out to us. We will help you upgrade your style game. 

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