How to dress well as a Tall and Skinny Man

style tips for tall and skinny men

Many of us aspire to be skinny and tall. However, men who are both tall and skinny face numerous challenges in finding the right style. Loose and baggy clothes can make you appear lanky no matter what you wear. We have come up with some style tips for tall and skinny men that will help you look more buff. You can create that illusion by following these simple tricks and dressing accordingly.

Tips for Guys who are skinny and tall

Regardless of your height and body shape, you should know what to wear and how to wear to achieve that perfect look. Let’s dig in and find out how you should be styling your clothes to complement your body.

Avoid baggy clothes – They will make you look frail

The one thing that you should immediately do is stop wearing clothes that will make you look frailer. We have often seen skinny people wearing oversized and large clothes to create that look. However, you will only end up looking like a skeletal scarecrow in those baggy outfits. You should also avoid wearing completely skin-tight clothes. Find clothes that fit you nicely and add them to your wardrobe.

Get that edgy look with jackets

Jackets are a versatile piece of clothing that will give you a more edgy and sharp look. Choose a subtle jacket. Don’t go over the top when choosing a jacket. Wearing a jacket will make you look more built and broad. Out of all the style tips for tall and skinny men, if you have to choose one. Go ahead and add some jackets in your wardrobe. By jackets, we don’t mean a hoodie or track jacket. We are talking about suit jackets, summer blazers, sports coats. Go for a jacket with light padding.

Layer it up the right way

Source: Lookbook, MensXP

Each layer you add will give that breadth and add that dimension to your body. However, you have to be very careful while layering. Don’t wear several thick layers. Layer from thin to thick fabric. Since layers will be visible, you should choose colors that go well together and complement your overall look.

Patterns to create that illusion 

Patterns create movement and can make your chest larger. Be very specific about styling patterns. Go for medium to small patterns. They will accentuate your V-shape and are a great option to create that illusion. 

Avoid wearing stripes

Men styling tips
Source: Outsons

Stripes can make you look taller. You should add striped wear in your wardrobe if you’re small. You are already tall, and it will make you look taller. If you are tall and skinny, you should better leave these on the shelf itself. You can consider wearing checks and florals if you want to add patterns to your wardrobe collection. 

Choose the right fabric

Men styling tips
Source: Lugako, Pinterest

Be it style tips for tall and skinny men or anyone else; it is very important to choose the right fabric. Try wearing the following fabrics, if you want to add more visual bulk:

  • Denim
  • Corduroy
  • Flannel
  • Tweed
  • Glen check
  • Thick-knits

If you are struggling to find your style or need more style tips for tall and skinny men, connect with us. We will help you transform your style that will make you look more balanced. 

Stay tuned to Styl-Inc Blogs for more such tips and trends. 

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