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Stylish, Fashionable Ways to Coordinate with Groom

Brides have bridesmaids and grooms have groomsmen and just like the girls, the groom squad is supposed to look dapper. And I totally understand how much you guys want to coordinate with your buddy on his big day but are surrounded with utmost confusion regarding the same. STYL-INC has this covered for you! We have for you some of the classiest ways to coordinate with your groom or among yourselves and look like the most dapper groom squad ever!


Let’s start with the most basic one. For this all you guys have to do it find one pattern in several different colors and you’re done. It really is that simple. Wearing the same design in different colors will send a clear message that you’re the squad while making you look dashing at the same time.

                                        picture courtesy: Sabyasachi/ Samyakk/ Status

To nail this take inspiration from your groom-to-be buddy and choose elements about his outfit that you like. Then get yourself an outfit which is similar to the parts you choose from your friend’s attire. Eg: going for a similar color combination or similar embroidery as the groom’s.

                                        picture courtesy: pinterest/ Samyakk

Master the art of coordinating in the most fashionable way. Choose one design or pattern and incorporate it in different silhouettes for all the squad men. This is for those who believe in leaving a lasting impression.

                            picture courtesy: Rohit bal/ pinterest/ Shantanu and Nikhil

This is a little more interesting than color play. To achieve this opt for a bold, unconventional color for your entire group to don for the wedding. Each one of you must incorporate the chosen color in their outfit in some way or the other. Eg: some could wear that color in that kurta, one can wear a jacket of that color. Get as creative and bold as you can!

                                                  picture courtesy: Tarun Tahiliani

Weddings are as big an affair for the guys as they are for the girls. So this wedding season be the most dapper groom’s squad ever. Make a statement that guys are as trendy and fashionable as the girls and end the debate once and for all. Be it for the men or the girls STYL-INC is here to make this wedding season as classy and smooth as it can be. For further queries reach us at STYL-INC.


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