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How to Style an Oval Body Shape! Stylblog| Styl-Inc

Continuing our body shape series, we have today one of the most seen body shapes. The one Oprah & Adele are proud owner of! That’s the oval body shape. This body type generally has slopy shoulders with big bust & fuller hips. Also, the body has a tendency to gaining weight in your stomach, back and upper body. As an oval, your body doesn’t have defined curves so our aim will be to create those.  So, to Continue Reading

Top 5 Summer Essentials| STLY-INC| Styl-Blog

Top Summer Essentials for You

Summer is the season of longest season out of all the 4 experience. And also, the hardest to survive. Considering the climatic changes, the world is facing every part of it is severely affected. Our summer days with a temperature of min 33 and max 43. It’s become so challenging to bear that warmth. It leaves your skin, hair and immune system impaired for at least a little while. But of course, your boss isn’t Continue Reading

Travel tales!

Essential Packing Tips for Sri Lanka

‘NOT ALL THOSE WHO WONDER ARE LOST’, we are simply consumed by wanderlust. A globetrotter myself, I love monsoon vacations. Recently I took a trip to the gem down under, Sri Lanka. It won’t be wrong if I relate sri lanka’s weather to a chameleon, it keeps changing. At one minute it is sunny, rainy the next followed by chilly winds. The country is an amalgam of beaches, forest and city life, making it so Continue Reading