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Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer

Summer, that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s time to master headstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer tress, explore nooks and bring out your swimwear to beat the heat. The country is burning up with heat. The air conditioners seem to be working really hard but still failing. What comes to our rescue here is swimming. An ultimate relief from the scorching heat. Styl-Inc brings to you Continue Reading

Best picks for your Beach vacations-Summer styles| STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Best Summer Styles for Beach Vacations

‘Beach’, don’t we love the sound of this word. A perfect and apt synonym for summers. As soon as the heat starts pouring in we get so excited to pack our bags and hit the waves. The trend that’s catching up these days is preparing a separate beach-y wardrobe. Fresh styles, comfortable silhouettes and breezy fabrics is what we have put together for your sun filled days! OVERALLS The first thing we pack for a Continue Reading

Honeymoon destinations according to your wedding season!-Stylblog

Honeymoon Destinations According to The Wedding Season

Going on a honeymoon is one of the best part about getting married. I’m sure you must have started looking for a destination the minute you said yes! You must have also gotten tons of suggestions about where you should go. But one major thing that we tend to forget while choosing a destination is if we are going there at the right time or not. Trust me guys the weather of the place you’ll Continue Reading

Best destinations to travel to with friends!

Best Destinations to Travel to with Friends Before Wedding

Taking a trip before getting married is no longer something uncommon, it’s more like a ritual now. And this becomes the most sought after and sacred trip of our lives. Not only do we make sure that you look great but also keep a check that you travel supreme. STYL-INC has curated a list of the finest destinations for your most awaited trip! WITHIN INDIA JAISALMER The golden city with forts that breathe, is the Continue Reading

Wedding Retake: Aftab Shivdhasani and Nin Dusanj!

They say that for a marriage to be successful one has to fall in love again and again but with the same person.  Bollywood actor Aftab Shivdhasani and Nin Dusanj proved this to the T. Nin Dusanj is Britain born Punjabi, sister in law of Kabir Bedi.  The couple had been dating from a long time and were spotted together at many award functions. They had initially had a court wedding in june 2014 in Continue Reading