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Neon makeup looks for post quarantine parties

Neon Makeup Looks

During this self-isolation period, we all have faced makeup deprived days. However, our Instagram feeds were flooded with makeup tutorials and now we have almost mastered them, isn’t it? So, let’s elevate these makeup skills for our post quarantine parties with a touch of disco hues. Yes, it’s neon colours we are talking about and we can relate to your excitement. Neon makeup trend has travelled all the way from the 90s and this time Continue Reading

How to take care of your Hands in Summers? | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Tips to Take Care of Your Hands in Summers

Summers are harsh, not just for our face and hair but for every part of our body. We make it a point to expose as minimal as possible while stepping out in the sun. Scarfs and hats become our best friends but, how many of us cover our hands while out in the sun? And let’s be honest wearing high length gloves in summers is the heights of discomfort. It leaves the hands sweaty and Continue Reading