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Hollywood Characters To Look Up-to For Power Dressing | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Hollywood Characters to Look upto for Power Dressing

We always get inspired by what we see on television. Be it the loving and caring relationships from Desperate Housewives or the chill-out friendship of F.R.I.E.N.D.S . More than feelings we get inspired by what these characters wear and how they carry themselves with power. Here are few Hollywood characters that inspire me to dress powerfully. 1. Jessica Pearson from Suits Wooooo!!! I really love how this female co-founder and managing partner of the top law firm in Manhattan carry herself. The dresses she chooses are of proper-fit and fashion forward in a very subtle way. This Continue Reading

Oscars March’18, Top 10 Best Dressed Men | Styl-Inc-Stylblog!

We are back with the next blog, like we promised, featuring the top 10 best dressed men from the Oscars. So without any further ado let me show you our top picks! ANSEL ERGORT The actor looked dashing in a Tom Ford black velvet blazer and trouser paired with a sophisticated bow. ARMIE HAMMER The star went for a wine color velvet Giorgio Armani blazer and trouser set paired with Mont Blanc cuff links. COMMON Continue Reading