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How to Style a Rectangle Body Type | STYL-INC | Stylblog!

Here is another one for the body type series. So the first step is to decipher if this is your body type or not. The identifying features of a rectangle body type are, that your bust and waist are of almost the same width and you don’t have a defined waist. This means that you pretty much have a straight silhouette. This is another body type found commonly not in India but all over the Continue Reading

How to Style an Inverted Triangle Body type? | STYL-INC | Stylblog!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and one of them is an Inverted triangle. Let me break down for you the defining characteristics of this body type. Women with this body type have shoulders broader than their hip line and a narrow waist. This body type is more prevalent than we know. Our very own Kareena K Khan is an inverted triangle. Your best assets: if you have this body shape then you’re one Continue Reading

New Year fashion resolutions to stick to in the coming year-Stylblog!

New Year Fashion Resolutions

The end of December is same every year, it’s the time when we all make resolutions for the coming year. Some take resolutions for health, some for work but how many of us take fashion resolutions? This year I’ve decided to give fashion a huge spot in my resolution list and I’m pretty sure a lot of you would relate to it. So here are some of the fashion goals I’d want to put in Continue Reading

Bridal lehenga according to your bodytype: TRIANGLE bride-Stylblog!

Bridal Lehenga for Triangle Body Type

Creating a perfect bride is an art. A dreamy bride is not made just by a pretty outfit. She is created by getting her everything that accentuates her high points and making the areas she is conscious about work in her favor. STYL-INC is here for every bride to styl her like a dream. So we’ll start with the TRIANGLE bride! In case you’re confused about if you’re a triangle or not just look at Continue Reading