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Statement Bridal Jewellery Guide for 2020

Bridal jewellery trends

The lockdown and the pandemic may have been a massive speed-breaker for celebrations. However, weddings are still taking place with the same glory and enthusiasm as before. Although small and intimate, the upcoming weddings shall still see the bride all decked up for the big day. Now, we’ve talked fashion and we’ve talked COVID-19 friendly bridal essentials. It’s about time we acknowledge the accessories—the heart of an Indian bride, her jewellery now. Here, we’ve rounded Continue Reading

Jewelry the brides of 2018 cannot miss out on | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

2018 Bridal Jewelry Trends

It would be correct if I say that not just diamonds but all pretty jewelry are a dame’s best friend. Jewelry is undoubtedly what we need to take out looks up a notch. Diamonds and gold look effortlessly beautiful but sometimes we need that extra depth in our accessories which diamonds and gold can’t give. And for that we have imitation and semi-precious jewelry to become a perfect match for all our outfits. So lets Continue Reading