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7 Trends Through the Decades that Have Made a Comeback | Styl-Blog | StylInc

This year, the biggest trends are making a comeback. Through the past monocles of history taking cues and inspiration from old-school styles. Fashion largely relies on the concept of future innovation. Although it does seem to embrace and welcome iconic pieces and trends from the previous decades. Giving them a modern-contemporary spin to grace it with the current times. Every generation is aesthetically inspired by the previous ones not only when it comes to fashion Continue Reading

6 Top Bridal Trends of 2017- Stylblog!-Styl-inc

Top Bridal Trends of 2017 to Take Forward to 2018

The year 2017 has been nothing less than a 365 day long fashion show with weddings being the showstopper. A potpourri of trends, colors, design and elegance is the best way to describe 2k17’s wedding season. To keep the fashionista in you up-to date we have created for you a list of the best wedding and bridal trends of 2017! NOT SO RED BRIDAL LEHENGAS This year saw some of the boldest brides breaking the Continue Reading