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Simple Skincare Rules to Follow While You’re Home | Styl Blog

Simple skincare rules at home

Clear skin is everyone’s dream, but are we willing to put in the hard work that comes with it? No, not every skincare routine needs you to spend hours at the spa or the salon to get that perfect skin. You can adopt an easy skincare regime that can be practiced at home itself. Sounds about perfect for this time, right? Fortunately for you, these skincare rules are simple and ideal for the laze-inspired zone Continue Reading

Top 3 Skin care tips for winters- winter brides- Stylblog!

Top 3 Skin Care Tips for Winter's Brides

We Indians absolutely love having and attending weddings in winters. No stress of runny makeup or sweat, the chilly weather makes everything better. But our skin doesn’t adore winters as much as our heart does and this creates a problem for the winter brides. Dry and flaky skin is every girl’s issue but facing this during the wedding days is a nightmare. So we have for you some tips to make sure your skin care Continue Reading

Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks!

Top Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks

How many of us relate to the fungal and bacterial ‘surprises’ during monsoon? I definitely do and I’m prepared to combat them with full force. Here I present for you my game plan as monsoon beauty hacks I follow to the T. Parlor treatments take up a lot of time and make me feel like I’m putting my hard earned money down the drain.                       Continue Reading