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6 Short girls styling tips and tricks to follow

Being a short girl, you must have heard compliments like you look younger than your age. If we look at the other side, short girls have short arms, legs and neck giving a small area to work on. Hence you need to be more selective with your clothing and choose outfit that create an illusion of height. Here we list down some tips and tricks for you to follow if you’re short and petite: 1. Continue Reading

Non-Indian brides marrying Indian grooms- Shopping tips in India | Stylblog!

Tips for Non-Indian Brides Getting Married to Indian Grooms

Indian or Non-Indian the wedding day is one of the biggest day of every girl’s life. Wedding shopping and preps are in themselves very tough and confusing. On top of it if you’re marrying a person of a different nationality then things are going to get tougher. If you’re not an Indian girl but are about to marry an Indian guy then this blog is going to make things way easy for you. The first Continue Reading

Pairing Ties with Shirts: Men’s Styling!

Pair Different Ties with Men's Shirts

Excess of anything is bad and this applies to choice of options as well. When one gets to many options to choose from they are likely to make the wrong decision.  What would be a better example of this than our own wardrobe? What’s even more difficult is pairing those unavoidable essential, like a shirt and a tie. ‘A well tied- tie is the first serious step in life’- Oscar Wilde, every now and then Continue Reading