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5 guaranteed remedies for dark circles | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

I’m a night owl and I guess most of the people my age are the same, we have no proper sleeping pattern. Along with a messed up sleeping pattern we deal with loads of stress with leaves us with a big skin issue, dark circles. Covering them up using makeup is short term cure which I personally suggest should be avoided as using too much makeup can cause other skin problems. To cure my under Continue Reading

Conceal to Perfection!

Choose Your Concealer Smartly

How many of us crave for a flawless, glowing skin? I can swear by anything that all of us do. No matter how much we take care we always end up with blemishes. I don’t find the time to go through a full make up routine everyday and instead use one product for a flawless natural look. Those of you wondering, I use just a concealer, and I’m good to go. For me concealers are Continue Reading