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DIY face masks for glowing skin using kitchen ingredients

DIY Face masks for glowing skin

Some states have lifted restrictions, whereas, in some areas, the lockdown has been announced because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Most of us are still continuing with the work from the home trend. We all love face masks. Don’t we? Be it a sheet mask, clay mask, or hydration mask. However, beauty salons have reopened and are considering hygienic protocols. But we have come up with some DIY face masks for glowing skin so that Continue Reading

5 Awesome face packs for summers- A must for Summer Brides! | Styl-Inc-stylblog!

Top 5 Face Packs for Summer Brides

Summers are usually bummers and having a wedding in such hot weather is a task in itself. The hot and sticky weathers wears down our skin really bad. And if you’re a summer bride you need to be extra careful in order to achieve and maintain you’re bridal glow. It’s not easy and not at all pocket friendly to go to a parlor every week so we have for you these amazing face packs which Continue Reading

Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks!

Top Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks

How many of us relate to the fungal and bacterial ‘surprises’ during monsoon? I definitely do and I’m prepared to combat them with full force. Here I present for you my game plan as monsoon beauty hacks I follow to the T. Parlor treatments take up a lot of time and make me feel like I’m putting my hard earned money down the drain.                       Continue Reading