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‘Saris’ for Minimalistic Bridesmaids| STYL-INC-Stylblog

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Saris, is perhaps one of the most sought after, forgiving and the easiest garment to style. Here’s what we think you should be doing to shine in the quintessential sari, using these beautiful colours this wedding season! FYI! If your BFF is getting hitched, you’ve landed on the right page! Deciding what to wear on your bestie’s wedding is undoubtedly a tricky task. But no sweat, Styl-Inc has got your back! Get ready to elevate Continue Reading

Celebrity styles you can do at home! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Every now and then we are left awe struck by our favorite celebrities. Their flawless looks and effortless style leaves us mesmerized and confused at the same time. We often give the credit to the expensive brands they wear for their impeccable ensembles. But there are a lot of celebrity looks that we can actually create at home from our existing wardrobe. Want to see? DENIM ON DENIM This is the easiest to re-create. The Continue Reading