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Boldest outfits to style this wedding season | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Fashion is for all but for you need extra courage and a lot of confidence to pull off certain looks. We’re talking about most unconventional, lurid and eye-catching outfits, that’ll definitely make you the talk of the event. This blog is for the bold fashion lovers who want to stand out of the crowd, maybe a little too much. And there’s not a better time than a wedding of a friend or family member! DHOTI Continue Reading

Festive blues: get back in shape- Stylblog!

Tips to Get Back in Shape After Festive Season

Festivities, we prepare so much for them and they go by so fast. So unfair, but guys it’s time to let go of the celebration mood until Christmas. Festivities bring with them so fun much and unbeatable amounts of food, which leave their mark even after the celebration is over. Though the festivities are over for some time but with the upcoming wedding season we can’t afford to go out of shape. So this post Continue Reading