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How to shop for bridesmaids for an Indian wedding? |Styl-Inc-Stylblog!

Indian weddings are famous for being grand and color and this implies to our clothes as well. Our love for colorful clothes can be prominently seen in our weddings. Weddings are a time when the bride literally gets to show off her girl squad in their uniquely coordinated attires. Coordinating doesn’t always have to be wearing the same outfits, it does look great but there are so many other ways to match. And we have Continue Reading

Most off-beat bridal poses! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Wedding photography is all about freezing in time some of the happiest moments of our lives. But I believe that it is also about creating some fun moments with our loved ones. Every time a photographer tells me to strike a fun pose I quickly resort to pouting, which isn’t very creative. And for a bride getting quirky on her big day is even tougher given all the pre-wedding jitters she is already having. But Continue Reading

Most Off-Beat Designs for Blouse- We’re bringing sexy back! |Stylblog!

Most Off-Beat Blouse Designs for Indian Brides

Gone are the days when the brides used to be all shy about their weddings. The new age bride is bold, decisive and knows exactly what she wants. As a bride if you ask for an entirely customized blouse then you’re in for a lot of looks. Most people usually take the design of the blouse as a very minute, unnoticeable thing. But believe me girls a sexy, elegant blouse never goes unnoticed. Here are Continue Reading


One of the hottest week happened in London from 16th-20th February. The London fashion week gave us a fair idea of how bold and lasting fall/winter of 2018 will be. Here we bring to you the highlights of the London fashion week! RICHARD QUINN Quinn’s collection had dramatic print work and unique silhouettes. He received the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II award for British Design. SHRIMPS Shrimps collection consisted a lot of faux fur and quirky Continue Reading

Pantone color of 2018: ULTRA VIOLET-Stylblog!

A very happy new year to all! This is the first blog of 2018 and so it ought to be about something happening. The pantone color of 2018 is out and it’s super jazzy, it’s ULTRA VIOLET. So now that we know what the ruling color of 2k18 will be let’s see how we can incorporate it everywhere. POWER DRESSING Power dressing is something that must always be impactful and majority of people tend to Continue Reading