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How to shop for bridesmaids for an Indian wedding? |Styl-Inc-Stylblog!

Indian weddings are famous for being grand and color and this implies to our clothes as well. Our love for colorful clothes can be prominently seen in our weddings. Weddings are a time when the bride literally gets to show off her girl squad in their uniquely coordinated attires. Coordinating doesn’t always have to be wearing the same outfits, it does look great but there are so many other ways to match. And we have Continue Reading

Enjoy the best Bridal experience, be a Bridechilla | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Be a Bridechilla

We’re all pretty acquainted with the term ‘Bridezilla’, we’ve all seen or heard about one. But I’m pretty sure nobody would ever want to become one. For those of you who don’t know a bride is called bridezilla when her wedding preparations take a toll on her behavior. That is making her irritable and cranky and not letting her enjoy her wedding. All the preparations and specially the wedding shopping can be extremely tedious but Continue Reading

Wedding Stylist for brides coming from outside India- A MUST! |Styl-Inc!

I see a lot of people confused when I mention the term ‘wedding stylist’ so let’s start with clearing that out first. A wedding stylist is a person/team who’ll assist throughout you throughout your wedding shopping making the process easy and breezy for you. Be something as tiny as arranging a safety pin for you to putting together your entire looks for every occasion a wedding stylist will do it all.3w The next question is Continue Reading