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6 Short girls styling tips and tricks to follow

Being a short girl, you must have heard compliments like you look younger than your age. If we look at the other side, short girls have short arms, legs and neck giving a small area to work on. Hence you need to be more selective with your clothing and choose outfit that create an illusion of height. Here we list down some tips and tricks for you to follow if you’re short and petite: 1. Continue Reading

Simple hacks to look taller in pictures | Styl Blog

Whether you’re planning on starting a personal blog or just love posing for Instagram, everyone wants to look their best in pictures. Photos, if clicked well and with proper lighting and angle, are nothing but a form of art. All of us have problem areas that we wish to hide in pictures, especially if we’re shooting for a portfolio or a blog, and employing the right techniques while snapping pictures can make a huge difference Continue Reading

Lakme Fashion week 2018 Day 2: Sustainable Fashion | Styl-Inc- Stylblog!

The second day of the lakme fashion week was devoted to Sustainable fashion. After all what makes fashion better is when it does good to the world! The first segment was the NortheastMojo with designers Khumanthem, Kuzu, Daniel Syiem, Jenjum Gadi, Society, Atratrik Dev Varman and Sonam Dubal. These designers brought to the ramp the fashion quotient from the 7 sister states showcasing their unique crafts and textiles in subtle tones and flattering silhouettes for Continue Reading

Picture Perfect Bride: Ananya Wadhwa

“Yes, I do.” Nothing is more exciting in the world for a girl than the day she says these words to her better half. It’s a sensory overload. A systematic chaos starts to happen around the home. How would the ceremonies take place, booking the venues and all that entails. Herein comes the biggest decision for the bride-to-be, what would she wear in all these ceremonies? How to get it done within your prescribed budget Continue Reading