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How to manage your guest list for Intimate Wedding | STYL Blog

Intimate wedding guest list

Figuring out a guest list that pleases everyone at your wedding can be a bit challenging. Amidst pandemic, many couples ditched their idea of a dream wedding and downsized their guest list because of the government’s norms. The idea of intimate weddings has always been a choice embraced by many couples. However, it became necessary to cut down on the guests’ number because of the pandemic and the restrictions.  As per the latest guidelines, you Continue Reading

Virtual Wedding Makeup Looks to Try | Styl Blog

Simple virtual wedding makeup

The pandemic has made dynamic shifts in every aspect of the world, including weddings in India. Now, it isn’t news that weddings in India are a huge affair. But, families and couples are being forced to minimize the size of their weddings today. While small weddings are becoming everyday news, digital technology has helped us find a way that still includes families and friends. Now, whether it is a live or a virtual wedding, you Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Bridal Stylist

Cover Photo Bridal Stylist | Styl Inc

It takes a village to make a wedding successful! Often, the hassles that both the families have to go through to make it a successful event is more than any of us can imagine. For the bride, the major worry is curating her wedding looks. So, if your big day is getting closer and you need someone to help you out with your styling, hair, and makeup, a bridal fashion stylist is always the best Continue Reading

The most Amusing brides we’ve seen in 2018 | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

We love fun brides, the kind that want to dance their heart out on their wedding. The ones who aren’t afraid to show their excitement to the world and know exactly how they want things done. We love their confidence, boldness and quirkiness. So we thought about sharing it with all of you. Here are some of the most amusing brides we’ve seen so far! THE RUNAWAY BRIDE Her jootis in her hand and head Continue Reading

The Buzz About Wedding Hashtags | STYL-INC | Styl-Blog!

Indian Wedding Hashtags Trend

Happy Ever After is now #HappilyEverAfter in the real and the virtual world. Thanks to the buzz of this hashtag mania. It is on everywhere from Facebook to Instagram. It is soon going to take over everything because it is so fun and addictive. Also helps connects people. Now it has taken over the weddings as well. Weddings are all merry and fun. #MoreInfo It is duty bound that guests will click pictures at you Continue Reading