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What’s the difference between Image Consulting and Makeover?|Stylblog!

Difference Between Image Consulting and Makeover

People often confuse ‘Image consulting’ with ‘Makeovers’, though both of these are different from each other at some point they do correlate a little. Makeovers are an aspect of Image consulting but it’s not vice versa. Let me break down for you into something super easy to comprehend. MAKEOVER Firstly the term means bringing about a change in your physical attributes, like your hair, clothes and makeup. And the professional who does this is referred Continue Reading

Pre-Bridal Beauty Hacks

pre-bridal beauty hacks

That beautiful ‘Bridal Glow’ is the ultimate goal that a bride wants to achieve when they start preparing the pre-bridal rituals. Many of you might not know all the tips & tricks of how to prep your skin to achieve that beautiful skin. So, Styl.Inc comes to the rescue with many different options for you to use according to your will! Here are some of the life saving hacks: CTM Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing should Continue Reading