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Accessorise yourself like a Royalty!

Best Royal Wedding Accessories

  Accessories bring out the best of the wedding attire and enhance the look for the bride as well as the groom. The royals always stick to their ancestral jewelry, which has been there in their family for ages. For a couple who’s wanting a royal wedding, the jewelry selection can make a huge impact on how the entire wedding comes out. The usual picks for a regal look are kundan, gold and rarely diamond Continue Reading

Statement Bridal Jewelry!

Perfect Bridal Jewellery Guide

Being a girl I know how every girl wants to look divine as a bride.  From the clothes to the jewelry and makeup everything has to be on point! We promised to handle all your wedding woes and we are going to stand by it. STYL-INC is back to unravel your jewelry hassles! RANI HAAR AND CHOKER SETS Both of these styles are different from the other and I love both! They take inspiration from Continue Reading