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3 must have loafers for men! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

It’s what we put our feet in that define our personal style the most. Since men already don’t have much to play around with they must nail what they have. Unlike women, men don’t have many distinct footwear options but that shouldn’t make their feet or their ensembles any less fancy than the ladies. Here I have for all the guys 3 types of loafers that they must have that’ll look great with almost all Continue Reading

How to: Pair Shoes, Men’s Edition!

Learn How to Pair Men' Shoes

As fashion is setting up new heights, modern men need to keep up with it! It’s not just suit & ties anymore, the definition of fashion changes according to your personality. What shows more about your personality than the way you wear your shoes! From Formal to Quirky, you can pair shoes in so many ways that it’ll blow your mind. A good pair of shoes can either make or break your look. Here are Continue Reading