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Home made skin care packs using spices: Spice Packs! Styl-Blog | Stylinc

Home-made Skin Care Packs Using Spices

As a child, I heard a quote which I still firmly believe in. It goes like ‘you look good you feel good’. For me, the most important part of feeling good is having good skin. My skin is the first thing anybody will see about me, so I never shied away from investing in good skincare. I used to struggle with my skin so much and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to Continue Reading

5 Super quick and easy hair masks for winters-Stylblog!-Styl-inc

Super Quick Hair Masks for Winter

I adore winters. I wait the entire year for this chilly season to come so that I can flaunt all my winter wardrobe. But the one thing I fret the most is what the cold does to my tresses, makes’em all frizzy and dry. And since I have long hair I love to styling them in so many different ways but I also need to keep my locks luscious the entire time. To style or Continue Reading