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10 bridal hairstyles for the Simplistic 2020 Bride

Hairstyles for the Minimalistic and Understated future Brides of 2020 Foreseeing the rise of intimate weddings and small gathering, we also foresee the changing trends of Bridal fashion, which accompanies of course their makeup and hairstyles i.e. a drastic shift towards minimalistic looks, very contrary to what a typical traditional bride would have in mind. But appropriate yet glamorous dressing is the need of the hour. You may once compromise on the grandeur of your Continue Reading


Bridesmaids I Styl Blog

A snippet overview of what the future beholds for us. As Minimalistic Fashion is going to be the NEW NORMAL. What we are talking about here is a post Covid-19 era. An era where everything will be different. People, things, our surroundings will change. In turn, fashion will be affected to a large extend. Brides and their family and friends will move towards minimalism. Minimalistic fashion will be the new all-out for brides. Minimalistic fashion Continue Reading

Super creative Bridal mehendi designs | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Super Creative Bridal Mehendi Designs

Bridal mehendi has turned into a different ball game altogether. It’s no longer just about getting your hands and feet tinted as brown as you can it’s more getting as creative and off-beat as possible. The new age bridal mehendi designs are super fine and intricate which makes them breathtakingly gorgeous. So here I have for you some of the most off-beat ideas for your bridal mehendi! TRADITIONAL The hottest traditional design of the season Continue Reading

Most stylish kalire on real brides!

Most Stylish Kalire for Brides

Kalire are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful accessory a girl dons for her wedding. We found some of the most unsual and stylish kalire on real brides who took this accessory up a notch! CHANDELIER Not only are they are exquisite, broad and super gorgeous but also comfortable to wear. The hanging motis make it look like a chandelier which can be as big or as small as the bride wants! POMPOM Pom poms Continue Reading