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From campus to the office: How to dress appropriately at the office

Corporate Dressing Ideas

If you’re a new college graduate, you will soon find yourself looking for jobs and internships. It’s time to brush up your skills and apply them in the real world. You’re ready to enter the professional life and start your career. But what about your wardrobe? When we are in college, our closets are filled with denim, jeans, hoodies, graphic t-shirts. In college, we tend to focus more on outfits that we are comfortable wearing Continue Reading

Home office tips to inspire your work today

Home office

That corner of your couch or your make-shift work desk has replaced your offices. And, given the way the present world is moving ahead, you and your home office seem to be in together for the long haul. Now, we know that a healthy working atmosphere promotes the flow of ideas and creativity to the fullest. And, your work from home certainly doesn’t mean a bland workspace. To facilitate productivity, a home office set-up that Continue Reading