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How to Style an Oval Body Shape! Stylblog| Styl-Inc

Continuing our body shape series, we have today one of the most seen body shapes. The one Oprah & Adele are proud owner of! That’s the oval body shape. This body type generally has slopy shoulders with big bust & fuller hips. Also, the body has a tendency to gaining weight in your stomach, back and upper body. As an oval, your body doesn’t have defined curves so our aim will be to create those.  So, to Continue Reading

Different nail shapes according to types of hands-Stylblog!

Different Nail Shapes According to Hand Types

A perfect bride is made when every detail is tended to with perfection. I’m not talking about the outfit or the makeup I’m talking about the minutest of the details, the shape of your nails. Hands are one the prettiest features of a girl and the shape of your nails can either make’em look fab or drab. So we have for you a guide to help you figure out which shape suits your nails the Continue Reading