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Perfect Wedding outfits for Men- Mens-Styl! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Fashionable Indian Wedding Outfits for Men

Wedding Fashion for men doesn’t work the same way as for women. They color options are comparatively limited and so are the embroideries. But that doesn’t mean that wedding outfits for men have to be monotonous. It’s all about picking out your favorite style from the trending fashion.  This is for all the guys who know they want to look strikingly handsome at the functions but don’t know what to wear. Here are a few Continue Reading

How to coordinate with the groom?- Groom’s Squad goals-Stylblog!

Stylish, Fashionable Ways to Coordinate with Groom

Brides have bridesmaids and grooms have groomsmen and just like the girls, the groom squad is supposed to look dapper. And I totally understand how much you guys want to coordinate with your buddy on his big day but are surrounded with utmost confusion regarding the same. STYL-INC has this covered for you! We have for you some of the classiest ways to coordinate with your groom or among yourselves and look like the most Continue Reading