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A snippet overview of what the future beholds for us. As Minimalistic Fashion is going to be the NEW NORMAL. What we are talking about here is a post Covid-19 era. An era where everything will be different. People, things, our surroundings will change. In turn, fashion will be affected to a large extend. Brides and their family and friends will move towards minimalism. Minimalistic fashion will be the new all-out for brides. Minimalistic fashion Continue Reading

6 Awesome Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas!

Unique Pre-wedding Shoot Idea

Pre-wedding shoots are the new thang, not only are they fun but are also a great way to show your partner your quirky side. I feel that goofing around your partner not only tightens the bond but also gets them acquainted with your crazy streak. So here are a few pre-wedding shoot ideas for you to get inspired from for your own shoot! SHADOW SILHOUETTES This is one of the toughest to nail but when Continue Reading