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Pre-Wedding Shoot Tips

Getting married, I believe is like the beginning of a new book and not just a new chapter. And every book needs a preface, doesn’t it? And that’s what a pre-wedding shoot is. It’s like an introduction to the beginning of a new adventure. Moreover, we know how perfect all the couples want their shoot to be and how stressful that can get. Fret not! Like always STYL.INC has got your back. Amidst the wedding Continue Reading

Pantone color of 2018: ULTRA VIOLET-Stylblog!

A very happy new year to all! This is the first blog of 2018 and so it ought to be about something happening. The pantone color of 2018 is out and it’s super jazzy, it’s ULTRA VIOLET. So now that we know what the ruling color of 2k18 will be let’s see how we can incorporate it everywhere. POWER DRESSING Power dressing is something that must always be impactful and majority of people tend to Continue Reading