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How To Bring In a Quarantine Birthday| Styl Blog

Ways to bring in a quarantine birthday

The lockdown has affected our lives in various ways, but it has put quite a serious damper on birthday celebrations. Long gone are the days where we’d invite our friends for a big get-together at a club or at home to bring in our birthdays. However, new times introduce new ways that are definitely more memorable. Quarantine birthday has become a low-key affair with minimal people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here Continue Reading

Transform Your Dine-In into a Fine-Dine Experience

Fine dine at home

Needless to say, we all miss those weekend dinner plans out at some of our favourite restaurants, don’t we? There’s something so very lively and uplifting about a fancy dine-out with your favourite people. Maybe it’s the well-cooked food or the ambience. Nevertheless, now that we are homebound and taking over the kitchen to compensate for all the outside food that we cannot eat. It only makes sense to recreate that fine-dine experience at home Continue Reading