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6 Short girls styling tips and tricks to follow

Being a short girl, you must have heard compliments like you look younger than your age. If we look at the other side, short girls have short arms, legs and neck giving a small area to work on. Hence you need to be more selective with your clothing and choose outfit that create an illusion of height. Here we list down some tips and tricks for you to follow if you’re short and petite: 1. Continue Reading

Items you can Steal from your mom’s closet | Styl Blog

Going to the mall feels like entering a battlefield nowadays. We often want to go shopping, but it’s no less than a life hazard at the moment. So what can we do if we’re running out of outfits to wear? Head to your mom’s closet and steal what fits! You might get death glares or a lecture on how to take care of your mom’s first luxury buy or her vintage watch, but it’ll definitely Continue Reading


Self-love is the key. Yes, we all have read and heard this a zillion time. And it also stands true. Every human has four endowments i.e. self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. All these endowments give us the power to change. To vision self- awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagine. These will come only when we spend time knowing ourselves. Getting knowledge of who we are, what we want and what we need Continue Reading

Enjoy the best Bridal experience, be a Bridechilla | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Be a Bridechilla

We’re all pretty acquainted with the term ‘Bridezilla’, we’ve all seen or heard about one. But I’m pretty sure nobody would ever want to become one. For those of you who don’t know a bride is called bridezilla when her wedding preparations take a toll on her behavior. That is making her irritable and cranky and not letting her enjoy her wedding. All the preparations and specially the wedding shopping can be extremely tedious but Continue Reading

Honeymoon Planning Hacks, plan it like a pro- Stylblog!-Styl-inc

Honeymoon Planning Hacks

All the soon to be married love birds must be planning their honeymoon in full swing, and we totally understand why. It’s like the most awaited and exiting trip one will ever take in their life. Planning your honeymoon with your partner will surely be a fun affair but should also be worked out smartly. So we’ll acquaint you with a bunch of full proof hacks that’ll help you plan the perfect honeymoon! ITINERARY Having Continue Reading