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Best necklines for your face type!-Stylblog

Best Necklines for Your Face Type

Greetings, we are back with another post to make your big day even better. We believe in paying attention to even the tiniest of the details, as they add up to make you look perfect. Today we have a list consisting of the necklines most suitable for you according to your face shape. ROUND FACE For all the round face beauties the best necklines would be.. SCOOP: this will accentuate your collar bones and gives Continue Reading

The Bridal Saga: Sagan!

Fashionable Sagan Outfits for the Bride!

Weddings in India are not just a ‘one day’ affair, they are an entire saga. The preparation are initiated the minute you say yes! We know how stressful things get. From finding the right locations to the perfect outfits. So STYL-INC is back with an entire series of blogs dedicated to make your journey blissful. We will solve all your outfit woes starting from the first function up till the last one. SAGAN This marks Continue Reading

Curvy Brides Doing it Right!!

Tips for Curvy Brides to Look Beautiful

For years curvy women have been treated differently from the rest. Hence the sound of shopping which is like music to many, may not necessarily gives the same feeling to a curvy girl. Likewise goes for our curvy brides! Of course we understand how all we curvy brides are made to believe that our options are limited. So cos our bodies do not abide to the so called ‘beauty standards’. Not to mention how we Continue Reading