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Home made skin care packs using spices: Spice Packs! Styl-Blog | Stylinc

Home-made Skin Care Packs Using Spices

As a child, I heard a quote which I still firmly believe in. It goes like ‘you look good you feel good’. For me, the most important part of feeling good is having good skin. My skin is the first thing anybody will see about me, so I never shied away from investing in good skincare. I used to struggle with my skin so much and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to Continue Reading

Top 3 Skin care tips for winters- winter brides- Stylblog!

Top 3 Skin Care Tips for Winter's Brides

We Indians absolutely love having and attending weddings in winters. No stress of runny makeup or sweat, the chilly weather makes everything better. But our skin doesn’t adore winters as much as our heart does and this creates a problem for the winter brides. Dry and flaky skin is every girl’s issue but facing this during the wedding days is a nightmare. So we have for you some tips to make sure your skin care Continue Reading

3 amazing DIY face mists for monsoon | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Quick, Super-Effective DIY Face Mists for Monsoon

Sitting by the window, reading a book and enjoying the drizzle outside, sounds perfect for monsoon right? But is that what we really want to do in this breezy weather? Ok it does get pretty humid and sticky as well but its monsoon guys, let’s enjoy this short lived season without worrying about our skin. As I am here with these super easy, super quick and super effective DIY face mists that’ll save your skin Continue Reading

How to take care of your Hands in Summers? | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Tips to Take Care of Your Hands in Summers

Summers are harsh, not just for our face and hair but for every part of our body. We make it a point to expose as minimal as possible while stepping out in the sun. Scarfs and hats become our best friends but, how many of us cover our hands while out in the sun? And let’s be honest wearing high length gloves in summers is the heights of discomfort. It leaves the hands sweaty and Continue Reading

Best sunscreens for different skin types | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Best Sunscreens for Different Skin Types

Summer time is great, vacations, trips to the beach and chilling in the pool. But all this fun comes at a price. Tanning, marks and patchy skin are just a few gifts that the scorching sun gives us ruining all our hopes to flaunt that summer glow. I hate the skin discoloration that happens every time we step out in the sun. Not only all these things but the growing risk of skin cancer makes Continue Reading