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How to Style an Oval Body Shape! Stylblog| Styl-Inc

Continuing our body shape series, we have today one of the most seen body shapes. The one Oprah & Adele are proud owner of! That’s the oval body shape. This body type generally has slopy shoulders with big bust & fuller hips. Also, the body has a tendency to gaining weight in your stomach, back and upper body. As an oval, your body doesn’t have defined curves so our aim will be to create those.  So, to Continue Reading

Power Dressing: Decoded | STYL-INC | STYLBLOG!

All About Power Dressing, Key Elements

Issac Bashevis Singer once quoted, “What a Strange Power There Is in Clothing!!!” so true. The debate always remains whether the man made the clothes or the clothes make a man? I think the two always stand for each other. Clothes, if worn with appropriate details, reflect a person’s image in public. I am a firm believer of the same. What Is Power Dressing? As the word goes – “attire that shows power in our personalities.” The traditional definition says power dressing refers to our sense of dressing to demonstrate our authority at the workplace. The definition remains pretty much Continue Reading

Retro twist to modern trends: How to style Retro? | STYL-INC|Styl-blog

How to Style Retro

The 80’s and 90’s were an era of unfiltered, bold and experimental fashion, the era we call Retro.  The fashion trends that emerged in those years never faded away completely and always found their way back to our closets. And it’s that time again when the Retro style is conquering our wardrobes. Here are some celebrities sporting and rocking our modish trends with a hint of the yesteryear glam.   PRINTS AND EMBELLISHMENTS Prints and Continue Reading

Top Trends for Summers: #Summergoals

Top Fashion Trends for Summers India

It’s the beginning of March and with the heat pouring in already it’ll be right if a say that 2018 will be a hot year. It’ll be hot not only in terms of weather but also in terms of fashion quotient. It’s the starting of summers and our Bollywood divas are already giving us major fashion goals. So I have for you some of the soaring styles from our Bollywood clan to rock this summer. Continue Reading

Winter Essentials- Trendiest Looks to rock this WINTER!-Stylblog!-Styl-inc

Trendiest Looks to Rock this Winter

Winter is my favorite season. That’s not only because I get to enjoy the sun without fearing tanning but majorly because of the super chic trends I get to slay in. Be it dresses, jeans, jackets or whatever I try to incorporate everything and they look amazing. So here are a few winter inspirations for all to look, drool and learn from! SKIRT-O-MANIA Skirts and shorts are considered out of bounds during winters. But we Continue Reading