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Tips and Tricks for the Slender Bride | Styl-Inc-Stylblog!

Tips, Tricks for Slender Indian Bride

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and so do the brides. No bride should ever be worried about her body type while shopping. There is something for everyone, it’s only about picking out the right designs and silhouettes. As a bride you already must be worked up with a lot of things, so relax and breathe. This one is for all the slender brides who are worried about not looking curvy enough in the Continue Reading

Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks!

Top Monsoon Beauty Care Hacks

How many of us relate to the fungal and bacterial ‘surprises’ during monsoon? I definitely do and I’m prepared to combat them with full force. Here I present for you my game plan as monsoon beauty hacks I follow to the T. Parlor treatments take up a lot of time and make me feel like I’m putting my hard earned money down the drain.                       Continue Reading