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6 Short girls styling tips and tricks to follow

Being a short girl, you must have heard compliments like you look younger than your age. If we look at the other side, short girls have short arms, legs and neck giving a small area to work on. Hence you need to be more selective with your clothing and choose outfit that create an illusion of height. Here we list down some tips and tricks for you to follow if you’re short and petite: 1. Continue Reading

How to dress well as a Tall and Skinny Man

style tips for tall and skinny men

Many of us aspire to be skinny and tall. However, men who are both tall and skinny face numerous challenges in finding the right style. Loose and baggy clothes can make you appear lanky no matter what you wear. We have come up with some style tips for tall and skinny men that will help you look more buff. You can create that illusion by following these simple tricks and dressing accordingly. Tips for Guys who are Continue Reading