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How To Wear Suit Without A Tie To Work | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Rob Delaney once quoted “I hate wearing suits & ties”. I am pretty sure, this is what every man thinks while going to his office. Ties can make a man feel bound. Especially in summers, what a relief it would be if you get to remove your tie during office hours. Here are small tips for all those who would love to wear formals to their work only if the definition of formals was suits Continue Reading

Monsoon Dressing Ideas for Working Women | Styl-Inc | StylBlog

Monsoon Fashion Ideas for Working Women

Rain Rain Come Again !!! With You Bring The Fun Again !!! Rainy season with itself brings a lot of fun and liveliness. But it also brings itself a lot of water. Water all over the place means, you can’t run around in anything and everything. It becomes a really difficult for working women to decide onto what to wear to office on a rainy day. Well, here are a few dressing ideas for all Continue Reading

Corporate Styling: Monsoon Outfits For Men | Styl-Inc | Styl Blog

Corporate Styling: Monsoon Outfits for Men

The warm-wet weather has rolled in and the last thing we want to do in this sticky heat is to wear bulky formal suits to the office. But not every profession allows us to wear shorts and t-shirts while at work. So, here are some basic rules men can follow while choosing their office suits in monsoon. 1- Cotton / Linen Suits If your office requires you to strictly wear suits, it’s time you add summer suits to your repertoire. Choose summer colors like khaki and light grey for your linen suits. 2-Polo T-Shirts Try Polo t-shirts Continue Reading

Corporate Dressing: Color Trends To Follow In Spring/Summer 2018 | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Corporate Dressing Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

Summer season is already at its peak. In summers, we really can barely think of wearing dark colors, especially in the office. But do light colors really contribute to the concept of corporate styling? Definitely. Let’s check out the color trends to follow in Spring/Summer 2018 for corporate dressing and expand your wardrobe from basic to sophisticated. 1- Lavender Lavender is an elegant and delicate color. This one is utterly perfect for summers and is dominating the fashion charts in 2018. Wear masculine suits in lavender or shades of purple to Continue Reading

Corporate Dressing: Spring/Summer 2018 | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Corporate Dressing for Spring / Summer

Long summer days, grey office suits with simple white shirts. Ehhhh. I am really bored of wearing similar outfits for my meetings.  Because this summers, colors are all the rage in office wear! Well, guess what? Here are few tips that I would like to share with you regarding corporate dressing in summers. 1- Colorful Co-Ord Business Suits I personally am, in love with these solid co-ord masculine business suits. These would definitely help us stand out from the crowd and make our team listen to us. Now that’s the definition of Boss-Lady in corporate world. Continue Reading